5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

5 suggerimenti per avviare un’attività di successo

1. Inizia con un piano dettagliato. Questo è un must: sviluppa un piano approfondito che descriva dettagliatamente come affronterai la sfida futura. Il tuo piano dovrebbe definire tutte le opportunità che hai identificato, dichiarare chiaramente la tua missione, descrivere il tuo obiettivo, stabilire obiettivi misurabili […]

Posted on 9 months ago
Facebook Glow AI compiler

Facebook AI now fixes bugs like spellcheck corrects typos

Writing got a lot easier when spellcheckers and grammar checkers arrived on the scene. Now Facebook is using artificial intelligence to give programmers a similar boost with a tool called SapFix that’ll debug their software. ‘SapFix can automatically generate fixes for specific bugs, and then […]

Posted on 9 months ago

China’s new ‘denying a rumor’ platform identifies fake news

China is stepping up its fight against disinformation spreading online. Piyao, a platform hosted by the country’s Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and state-run media Xinhua, was launched Wednesday to bust rumors and fake news disseminated across the internet. The move comes as official data showed […]

Posted on 9 months ago
FACEBOOK logo seen displayed on smart phone

Some Facebook fact-checkers aren’t sure if their efforts are working

What’s the status of Facebook’s relationship with journalists paid to fact-check news on the world’s largest social network? It’s complicated. Some fact-checkers told The Guardian they’ve lost trust in the platform in the wake of Facebook’s scandals and aren’t sure if their efforts are working, […]

Posted on 9 months ago